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When the Music’s Over
The Doors
Strange Days (1967)

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Artist: The Doors

Title: When the Music's Over

Album: Strange Days

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G-Spot Tornado - Ensemble Modern (Frank Zappa)

     The original version of this song was released on the album Jazz From Hell by Frank Zappa and performed on a synclavier. Zappa assumed that no humans would be able to play this piece because of its complexity. In 1992, the Ensemble Modern performed it in a series of concerts that resulted in the album The Yellow Shark, which was the last Frank Zappa album released before his death in December of 1993. The Ensemble was rewarded with an extended standing ovation by the audience, who realized that they had just witnessed something Zappa himself thought to be impossible.

     I’m not sure if the piece of music or the audience’s reaction to it has more of an effect on me. Even if you do not like orchestral music, it’s difficult to not recognize what’s being done here. Perfection.

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Artist: Frank Zappa / Ensemble Modern

Title: G-Spot Tornado

Album: The Yellow Shark

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Queen - Love Of My Life (Live at Wembley 11.07.1986)


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The Rolling Stones - Star Star (Live at LA Forum)


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Todays motivational song.


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Artist: The O'Jays

Title: Backstabbers

Album: The O' Jays

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Spoonful // Howlin’ Wolf

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Artist: Howlin' Wolf

Title: Spoonful

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Song 0060.
Song: Train Kept A Rollin'
Artist: The Yardbirds
Album: Having A Rave Up with The Yardbirds (1965)

*Originally recorded by Tiny Bradshaw in 1951

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Artist: The Yardbirds

Title: The Train Kept A-Rollin'

Album: Having A Rave Up With The Yardbirds

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Don’t Sleep In The Subway  »  Petula Clark

Don't sleep in the subway, darlin'
The night is long
Forget your foolish pride
Nothing's wrong,
now you're beside me again

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Artist: Petula Clark

Title: Don't Sleep In The Subway

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Carol King - You’ve Got A Friend

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Artist: Carole King

Title: You've Got A Friend