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Soul Asylum - Misery (with lyrics)


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Johnny Cash - Hurt

This. This has true relevance today. This song has been stuck in in my head for weeks.

Artist: Johnny Cash

Title: Hurt

September 22, 2014 at 11:02 PM


Big Brother And The Holding Company - Cheap Trills Album 1968

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Artist: Big Brother & The Holding Company

Title: Summertime

Album: Cheap Thrills


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Ramones. Extra gif for Album Covers series.
Tribute Tommy “drummer” Ramone.


Ramones. Extra gif for Album Covers series.

Tribute Tommy “drummer” Ramone.

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Title: Rockaway Beach/Teenage Lobotomy

Dee Dee: “1, 2…”

Joey interrupts: “Wait! We’re the Ramones, this one’s called Rockaway Beach!”

Dee Dee: “1, 2, 3, 4!” and the Ramones blast into a blistering rendition of the almighty ‘Rockaway Beach’.

This is the way this live record starts and Ramones don’t slow down for a second on the rest of the record. 28 classic punkrock anthems (all from the first three Ramones masterpiece albums) are played in less than 54 minutes.

Artist: Ramones

Genre: Punk Rock

Album: It’s Alive* (Tracks 01&02)

Composer: Ramones

Label: Sire Records

Year: 1979

*~~~~~~~~Clocking in at just under 54 minutes, ‘It’s Alive’ by Ramones is jam-packed with classic Ramones material, 28 songs in total. The band recorded this set on New Year’s Eve in 1977 at the Rainbow Theater in London, in front of an ecstatic crowd.

The story goes that during their UK tour 4 concerts were recorded, but the New Year’s Eve performance was chosen for release as a live album because no less than 10 rows of seats were thrown at the stage after the concert and it was considered the best of the performances at the venue.

The quality is great, the intensity and energy amazing and it rocks extremely hard! Every song is faster and more agressive as the original. This is one of the few live records which really add something to the original recordings (along with Social Distortion's 'Live at the Roxy' and AC/DC's 'If You Want Blood’) and is not just a collection of greatest hits.

But still we get all the hits: “Blitzkrieg Bop”, “Rockaway Beach”, “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker”, “Judy Is A Punk”, “We’re A Happy Family”, “Cretin Hop”, “Havanna Affair" and all the covers released on the first three albums. Ofcourse some songs aren’t present “53rd & 3rd”, “Ramona” and “Locket Love” are in my opinion songs that should’ve been on ‘It’s Alive’ but you can’t have anything.

In 2005, ‘It’s Alive’ was ranked number 279 in Rock Hard magazine’s book of The 500 Greatest Rock & Metal Albums of All Time.

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Artist: Ramones

Title: Rockaway Beach/Teenage Lobotomy

Album: It's Alive (1979)

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"I Wanna Be Sedated" by The Ramones

Twenty twenty twenty four hours to go
I wanna be sedated
Nothing to do, no where to go 
I wanna be sedated

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Artist: The Ramones

Title: I Wanna Be Sedated

Album: Road to Ruin

September 22, 2014 at 8:55 PM


Koko Taylor - Queen Bee (1985)

featuring James Cotton...

cover of Slim Harpo’s 1957 I’m a King Bee

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Artist: Koko Taylor

Title: Queen Bee

Album: The Alligator Records Years

September 22, 2014 at 8:40 PM


Hot Stuff (Live)  |  The Rolling Stones

Love You Live 

Artist: The Rolling Stones

Title: Hot Stuff (Live - 2009 Re-Mastered Digital Version)

Album: Love You Live (2009 Re-Mastered)

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T Rex - The Slider

September 22, 2014 at 3:56 PM


I’ll tell you all my secrets, but I’ll lie about my past.

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Artist: Tom Waits

Title: Tango Till They're Sore

Album: Rain Dogs